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10 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Videographer Before Hiring Them

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Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, and you want to capture every precious moment on video. That's why choosing a wedding videographer is crucial - they will be responsible for preserving the memories of your special day. But how do you know you're choosing the right one? To ensure you choose the right wedding videographer, you must ask them the right questions. In this blog post, we'll go over 10 critical questions for you to ask them

before making your final decision.

What is your videography style?

Every videographer has a unique style that sets them apart from others. Be sure that your videographer's style aligns with your vision for your wedding day. Standard styles include cinematic, documentary, and storytelling.

What kind of equipment do you use?

Videography equipment can be costly, and professionals typically invest in high-quality gear to capture the best possible footage. Be sure to ask your videographer about their camera, lighting, and audio equipment to ensure they have everything they need to capture the day flawlessly.

wedding videography alberta

Can I see an example of a full film?

Watching a highlight reel may not give you a good idea of how your wedding video could turn out. Be sure to ask for a full film to get an idea of how the videographer captured the entire day. This way, you can see how they edited, the quality of their footage, and how they told the wedding story.

How do you handle audio during the wedding ceremony and speeches?

Audio is just as important as the visuals, so be sure to ask your videographer how they handle audio during the ceremony and speeches. Will they have a backup microphone? How will they deal with background noise? Be sure to discuss all aspects of audio since your video’s quality depends on clear audio.

Do you work well with photographers?

It's imperative that your videographer and photographer work together seamlessly to capture all your moments from different perspectives. This is what can help capture all the special moments from your wedding day in a more detail-oriented way. Finding out how your wedding videographer works with other vendors will provide you peace of mind on the day.

How long have you been filming weddings?

Experience in filming weddings is essential, and you wouldn't want someone inexperienced filming your special day. Ask your videographer how many weddings they've filmed and whether they have experience with weddings that are similar to your wedding day, in terms of culture or size.

What are your packages, and what do they include?

Be sure to ask your videographer about pricing and packages, so you can determine what's a comfortable expenditure for you. You can decide if their packages and costs align with your budget. Learn what services are included in different packages, such as number of videographers, hours of coverage, additional services (such as an engagement film), and how many videos are included.

How long will it take to receive our video?

Each videographer has a different delivery timeline, so it's critical to ask when you'll receive your video. Some companies take up to six months to deliver the final video! Make sure to ask them how long it'll take and if there's an option for a rush delivery, too.

How involved can I be in the editing process?

It's great to understand your videographer's working style for the editing process. Will they give you a say in the process? Can you ask for changes to your video, like music alterations? Make sure to discuss the editing process and how much input you can provide when it comes to delivering the final film.

Will there be a contract?

Having a contract is a crucial step in the hiring process. It protects both you and your videographer. It should outline everything you discuss is documented and included in their services, allowing you a chance to go back and reference terms and pricing covered and agreed to previously.

Hiring the right professional videographer plays a substantial role in preserving memories of your wedding day. After all, it's a day that you want to recall over and over again. By asking these critical questions before hiring a wedding videographer, you're more likely to make an informed decision and feel at ease that your videographer is the best choice for you. Remember, don't be afraid to ask any other questions you have before you make a decision!

Looking for a videographer / cinematography for your wedding in the Red Deer, Alberta area? Contact Inspired Motion Films today and ask us all the questions you like!

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